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Smart Solutions for Your Chemical Specifications

Lab technicians observing vats of chemicalsOur custom blending services provide dedicated resources and expertise to meet your chemical finished product specifications. With the ability to assist with a wide range of volumes, chemical complexities and delivery requirements, Nexeo Solutions has the experience and resources to deliver blending solutions to help you create or improve the chemical products you want to take to market. Our focus is driven by your goals and our high standards for reputable materials and operational safety.


Offering Comprehensive Chemical Blending Services and In-House Lab Services

Nexeo Solutions can provide blending services to meet specific requirements of your industry; namely, coatings, adhesives, cleaners, lubricants, metalworking fluids, and oil and gas fluids. We leverage a deep network of raw material suppliers to deliver the value you need, along with the process efficiency and competitive pricing that allow you to stand out amongst your competition.

Your Trusted Ethanol and Distilled Spirits Distributor 

Looking for a comprehensive solution for your ethyl alcohol uses? Whether you need a small volume of high-purity ethanol or a turnkey ethanol solution to improve your entire production line, you can trust Nexeo Solutions to deliver your ethanol needs and provide on-specification blending and innovative lab services in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Discover Comprehensive Solutions to Ethanol and Distilled Spirits Blending

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