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Matières plastiques

Chemical, Thermoplastic and Environmental Health Services

Our Service Offering is Second to None

At Nexeo Solutions, we don't just help you get plastics from point A to point B; we are there with you every step of the way. By providing assistance to molders and OEMs with the material selection process, we help you ensure that your materials meet your needs up-front.

We actively support customers' technical efforts and assist with process improvement through our dedicated staff of technical plastics professionals. Our team is made up of field technical representatives, application development engineers and our TechConnect Center.

With experts at the ready who have a deep knowledge base in the plastics industry, we will work diligently to help you save time and money by helping you optimize and streamline the production of your parts.

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As a Distributor, We Stand Out Through Our Services

Unlike other distributors, Nexeo Solutions can offer customers value-added services, in large part due to our advanced global supply chain and having one of the industry’s largest private trucking fleet. In addition to providing these value-added services, we offer a wide selection of resins from world-class suppliers and will help you identify what is best for your specific needs.

Some of the application development areas of support include:

  • Material selection expertise (New specification or offsets)
  • Tooling reviews
  • Part design reviews
  • Processing
  • Secondary processes
  • Product or process failure review
  • Quality validation
  • Resource coordination

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